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Sign In through Steam to see an organized output of your Steam Friends List

figure 1.
Click the downward pointing arrow next to your Friend in the contact list to expose the menu shown to the right.

The output of the 64bitVPS Steam Friend Organizer is a blueprint for how you should use the "Tag-As" functionality on your Steam Friends buddy list. For those of us who meet many individuals, "Tag-As" can be helpful to organize ballooning lists of Friends without having to remember how each person on your buddy list got there. Your "Request to Play" invitations, announcements, and conversations can go to the appropriate friends after you get organized!

Future Optimizations

Of course, if there is anything else that has been missed in terms of features of defects, submit your feedback on the 64bitVPS Steam Community Group Page.


How to Participate and Support the 64bitVPS Community

Spread the word about 64bitVPS. Seeing the Community grow and actively use my creations inspires the building of mods and spiffy Steam integrations, both in games and on the web.

Thank You for Your Support: You are the reason 64bitVPS exists

  1. Please join the 64bitVPS Steam Community Group

  2. If you don't have other Group obligations, make 64bitVPS your Primary Group in your Steam Profile.

  3. Please consider using our Tag as your "Clan Tag" in-game, that tag is a secret handshake amongst a group of highly competitive and in-the-know pub crawlers in the Counter-Strike: Source scene.

  4. Invite your friends to join our 64bitVPS Steam Community Group, more the merrier. We don't spam.

  5. Play on our Counter-Strike: Source server at, and when you get a chance, remind me to work on forward porting the mods to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  6. If you're technically inclined, and willing to help, we can work together. There is work to the power infinity, and group coding is much more engaging and entertaining.

  7. There is still more you can do, buy some beer. Send a few bucks this way with instructions on which brew it should be going towards!

    People who send money to keep 64bitVPS online will get special recognition for themselves (for 1 month for donations of $25 or less) and their primary group (for donations of $50 or more) on this website, and on the Message of the Day for our game servers.

Wear our Tag


When people see the 64bitVPS tag, it's immediately recognized by those in the know. It's the secret handshake for a very special digital romping ground.

figure 2.
In-game, click Options, and perform the following steps:

While you are wearing the Clan Tag, your in-game stats in the Message of the Day (motd) will still be tracked against your Primary Group. (Stats showing current Group vs. Group activity appear below, and in the MOTD in-game.) Additionally, if you tag your name by prefixing it with some letters in square braces like this:


Your clan will be tracked on our Stats Website at after 3 or more players wear your tag.


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